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General & Specialist Epoxy Adhesives & Sealants

 RT112 Epoxy Sealant

Resintech offer a wide range of general purpose adhesives and sealants for an infinite number of applications. From simple bonding to small volume potting, complex and flexible sealing and beyond, Resintech are sure to be able to offer a solution to you epoxy application.


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RT110  RT111  RT112  RT125  RT154TH  RT157  RT183

Colours in Focus: RT156 *NEW*



Cable Harnessing Adhesives

 RT183 Conductive Epoxy Adhesive

If you have difficult substrates to adhere to, like those found in cable harnessing applications, Resintech offer a choice of adhesives to suit your needs. Forming the epoxy element of the ShieldFast range, Resintech's range of cable harnessing adhesives will solve your adhesion problems.


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RT125  RT183  RT355



Fibre Optic Adhesives

 Fibre Optic Adhesive

Resintech Manufacture a comprehensive range of fibre optic adhesives for different applications including "pot and polish". RT153FC and RT156 in particular have become industry standards for epoxy use in fibre optic applications.


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RT153F  RT154  RT155  RT156  RT157



Potting Compounds


From high temperature to large volume and from optically clear to flame retarded, Resintech have the epoxy potting compound to fulfil almost any potting application at a cost-effective price whilst maintaining optimum properties and performance.


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RT110  RT151  RT152  RT310  RT323  RT350  RT355  RT370  RT371  RT380



TriPatch Repair & Maintenance


TriPatch is an easy-to-install repair system based around a fast setting epoxy resin with glass cloth reinforcement. TriPatch can be used in a multitude of applications including pipe, radiator, conduit and flat surface repairs. Available in a wide range of lengths and colours as well as being kitted with everything you need to carry out the repair, TriPatch is a low-cost alternative shutting down processes and replacing expensive parts. Also ideal for home and DIY applications.


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Product Information Sheet  Technical Data Sheet



ShieldFast range of EMC Shielded Solutions


Offering full shielding, the one-part heat-shrink ShieldFast range provides mechanical protection and strain relief to EMC applications. Despite having a wide range, a ShieldFast product is usually designed and developed as a bespoke part to suit your application at a very low cost. Incorporating Resintech's unique conductive hot-melt adhesive, the ShieldFast range is unmatched in its field.


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Product Information Sheet  Technical Data Sheet for Standard 3:1 Range



Fibre Optic Splice Protectors


Resintech is the leading manufacturer of Fibre Optic Splice Protectors in the world. As well as standard 61mm and 45mm single fibre protectors, Resintech can provide 8 or 12 way Ribbon protectors and have the facility to develop new protectors and alter current designs. Most Fibre Optic Splice Protectors are in stock and are available on a next day service.


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Product Information Sheet *UPDATED*



Kitting Facilities and other services


If you need components to be packed into 10's, 100's or 50millions, look no further than Resintech. Resintech's manufacturing and packaging facility can provide a fully professional service to any large or small kitting or packaging contract.


If you require private labelling on your products, please just ask. Private labelling is available on most products and can give your company the edge over your competitors in the same field. Please ask for more details.

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